Offener Brief an Heidi Klum – Einfach ein glückliches Leben führen!

,,Du musst einfach ein glückliches Leben führen, ohne dir zu viele Gedanken über das zu machen, was Leute denken. Das Gegrübel führt nur zu mehr Falten.“

(Heidi Klum, Germanys Next Topmodel Jurorin)

Liebe Heidi!

Gerade habe ich diesen Satz von Dir gelesen … Chapeau! Danach bin ich, neugierig geworden, auf Deinen Instagram Account mit den ganzen süßen, ,,natürlichen“ sexy ,,Mädchen“ Bilder von Dir gestoßen, die vor Lebensfreude nur so sprießen und die zeigen, wie Deine Hormone angesichts der Hochzeitsphase, in der Du Dich gerade befindest, mit dir tanzen! „Offener Brief an Heidi Klum – Einfach ein glückliches Leben führen!“ weiterlesen

Fashion/Reisen: e week – Today with enjoyable moments around Saarebrueck, fashion and a recipe for a yummy pumpkin pie

Hello my dear friends,

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today I wanna show you just the simple things, that can make you happy.

On the one side, we live in a world, where we have all possibilities, we could not imagine only 15 years ago. That was the time, before the huge progress of the world wide web has shown us all possibilities of life. In seconds, we have nearly all facts of life we want to know… Scientific progress at all levels would lead us to a great life for all, if we would handle our resources with intelligence and humility for the world and its creatures…

On the other side, we´re not even able to find a way to live together „in peace and harmony“ how already Paul McCartney sang in his song „ebony ad ivory“ ! And no one can tell us why it´s so difficult to solve those problems if we all want to live in peace. Wars, refugees, confrontations, disharmony,envy, grudge, greediness, egoism and lust for power are characteristics which are in contradiction to a better life. For the single man and for the masses…

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Today in the morning: Watching the old firs in the valley of the „Tannenwäldchen“ from horseback…

So, what can we do? Is the human future lost between wise findings and unethical behavior? „Fashion/Reisen: e week – Today with enjoyable moments around Saarebrueck, fashion and a recipe for a yummy pumpkin pie“ weiterlesen