Fashion/Reisen: e week – Today with enjoyable moments around Saarebrueck, fashion and a recipe for a yummy pumpkin pie

Hello my dear friends,

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today I wanna show you just the simple things, that can make you happy.

On the one side, we live in a world, where we have all possibilities, we could not imagine only 15 years ago. That was the time, before the huge progress of the world wide web has shown us all possibilities of life. In seconds, we have nearly all facts of life we want to know… Scientific progress at all levels would lead us to a great life for all, if we would handle our resources with intelligence and humility for the world and its creatures…

On the other side, we´re not even able to find a way to live together „in peace and harmony“ how already Paul McCartney sang in his song „ebony ad ivory“ ! And no one can tell us why it´s so difficult to solve those problems if we all want to live in peace. Wars, refugees, confrontations, disharmony,envy, grudge, greediness, egoism and lust for power are characteristics which are in contradiction to a better life. For the single man and for the masses…

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Today in the morning: Watching the old firs in the valley of the „Tannenwäldchen“ from horseback…

So, what can we do? Is the human future lost between wise findings and unethical behavior?

Last year, I have had an experience with dead and I recognized, how cruel it can be if life ends from one day to another. In that time, I found out, that it´s not our destiny to solve the problems of the world. That is simply not possible. But to live in the stream of live and to reach inner harmony is a goal, what we can try to reach. To overcome our misbehavior, to be grateful for all the marvelous things we have and to handle in a way, that also support others, are realistic ways to make the world a little bit better and to win inner peace and happiness.

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Enjoying a perfect autumn day…

So I invite you to enjoy  a happy day  with me around my home near Saarebrueck with riding through the marvelous golden forest, make a trip with my bike along the river Saar to the town and eating a pumpkin pie in the evening… Beside that, I show you today my favorite look at the moment, which is perfect for a happy inner feeling and appearance.

IMG_1778 (3)
Cozy woolen jacket, warm colored sweater, natural look pants with a little shiny aspect and a warm hat are perfect for comfortable autumn days.
Just enjoy the colors of nature…
I love handmade individual jewelry…
This boots fit to the most things and are comfortable like house shoes… but they look strong and you feel really good by wearing them!

IMG_1772 (2)

IMG_1759 (2)

The sun has lost the force, but you can still feel the warm touch…

IMG_1795 (2)


IMG_1802 (2)

IMG_1757 (2)
The deep blue of the sky, the cozy clouds and the warm honey and golden colors of the leaves touch the soul in a mystic way…
Radl-Outfit 2 (2)
Preparing for a little trip to the town. Grey jeans, „Bike“ jacket, my black boots and my Riding Hat for all occasions…

unnamed (48)

Radl-Outfit 5
Riding my bike in the old town of Saarebrueck
Radl-Outfit 6
„St. Johanner Brunnen“ – fountain in the old town.

Radl-Outfit 4  IMG_1888   Radl-Outfit 3

IMG_1890 (2)

IMG_1895 (2)

Not far from the center of the town , you can stroll along the river „Saar“. Behind the old trees on the other side, the freeway is just about 100 meters away. But on this place, it seems that nature is surrounding you…

unnamed (30)
View from the bridge: you can see the the way, where we rode with our bikes.


After that day, we are all a little bit hungry… To make a pumpkin pie is very simple. Just make or buy a short pastry an don´t forget to let it overnight in the fridge, then take some sour cream, pumpkin pieces, little bit of salt, pepper, if you want some ginger, a half tsp. sugar, minced garlic, olive oil and let it bake about 20 min 175°C, then add some rosemary, sage, thyme (of your garden or bought) and pumpkin or other seeds on it and let it another 15 – 20 min in the oven. Ready for take-off…


I really enjoy fresh herbs and they are very healthy and tasty. Every meal is something special with it. I have always a few in the windowsill and outside, for example rosemary … It looks also decorative … On the photo is my menthe-plant, I use it for making fresh tea, in long drinks, in desserts or in taboulé.

So I hope you have enjoyed that wonderful day.  Could you feel the power of just being there and taking with joy what nature has prepared for us?  I´m not naive. I know, that in every moment, cruel things happen. But not for me and not today… Tomorrow I can think about  it with new force and perhaps I can find a way to make those things a little bit better… But at that moment let me just feeling happy and grateful for all the wonderful things which happened also at this moment!

Have a wonderful day!

Yours, Nessy!

Glance in the sky…

5 Kommentare zu „Fashion/Reisen: e week – Today with enjoyable moments around Saarebrueck, fashion and a recipe for a yummy pumpkin pie

  1. yippie yippie yeah! Bei diesen herrlichen Bilder kann man richtig Deine gute Laune spüren, liebe Nessy!
    Und Dein Look ist klasse, die Boots sowieso großartig, da ist einfach alles Sonnenschein pur!

    Heute habe ich endlich geschafft, den „Liebster-Award“-Beitrag fertig zu machen. Vielen Dank nochmals für die Nominierung!

    Wünsch Dir ein wunderschönes Wochenende!

  2. dear Nessy, I think it is really important for us to take some time to recharge our batteries. We cannot help others, if we don’t know how to heal ourselves….a day spend in nature always makes me happy and inspired.

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