Fashion/LIfestyle: Look of the week: Bright white look and how to handle the bad news of the world…

IMG_1291 (2)Hello my dear friends,

today it´s raining outside and I look in the mirrow in my sun tanned face. Soon,  I know, it´s nearly white like the wall in the background!  But Nessy isn´t very long melancholic… Today it´s a perfect day for a fresh, clear, white look for a bright mood…

You know such mornings?  Today, I think about that I don´t like to read the newspaper, but I (still) do it every morning. The problem is, that I can´t eat anything when I see people on a sinking ship or pictures from war or „just“ an accident. Therefore I can´t understand  people who are  watching the news on the sofa while eating pizza… But am I right by excoriating that behaviour? No, of course not! „Fashion/LIfestyle: Look of the week: Bright white look and how to handle the bad news of the world…“ weiterlesen

Trip to Nice ( Nizza ) // Trip nach Nizza

Hello my friends,

Foto 1 (19)
Sunset in the beach of Nice with my son…

today I´ll tell you about our trip to Nice.

When we arrived on the airport it was deep night.Therefore we preferred to take a taxi. The driver bended my ears with his german relative „Helmut“, probably the only german name he knew. While hearing wild stories about how Helmut bought for him  Porsche cars on the german market, sorry, I forgot one Mercedes he bought – where else? – in Stuttgart, I enjoyed the impressions from the the famous seaside road „Promenade des Anglais“, took a look at the famous „Negresco“ and other magnificent buildings along the road.

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