Trip to Nice ( Nizza ) // Trip nach Nizza

Hello my friends,

Foto 1 (19)
Sunset in the beach of Nice with my son…

today I´ll tell you about our trip to Nice.

When we arrived on the airport it was deep night.Therefore we preferred to take a taxi. The driver bended my ears with his german relative „Helmut“, probably the only german name he knew. While hearing wild stories about how Helmut bought for him  Porsche cars on the german market, sorry, I forgot one Mercedes he bought – where else? – in Stuttgart, I enjoyed the impressions from the the famous seaside road „Promenade des Anglais“, took a look at the famous „Negresco“ and other magnificent buildings along the road.

Foto 1 (17)While closing my eyes for a moment,  I saw Grace Kelly and Cary Grant in their saphirblue Sunbeam Alpine Mark III-Cabriolet dream car , when she made the film „To catch a thief “ („Über den Dächern von Nizza“)  from Alfred Hitchcock which were shooted in Nizza and Monte Carlo in 1954.

Old picture from the restaurant „La Reserve“. The Photo is hanging in the rooms of it.
Picture from the film „To catch a thief“.

I felt also the sophisticated, classy atmosphere from the time about 150 years ago, when the russian tzar family spent their winter times in the warm area of the Côte d’Azur. In spite of the destructive events that ravaged this town like the earthquake 1887 and the wars are lots of the old buildings well-preserved. So much history is still presented in every nook and granny. mixed with shabby, decayed impressions…Foto 1 (5)„Zut, la rue est barré!“ The old trick to earn a bit more money! So it cost about 40 Euros. Normally the price was 20. But it was night and I didn´t knew the way  – so I had to accept it…

We slept in an appartment sharing community. It was in a typical old flat in the city of Nice, not far away from the Place Masséna.Foto 4 (4)My son and I felt a little bit hungry. But when you eat something in Nice, you almost celebrate it and therefore you prefer to go out… in one of the magnificent restaurants… But therefore, it was too late and I don´t like eating for hours. So we found an damaged apple, some tomatoes and eggs. But that was really great for an tomato omlette! So my daughter cooked it for us in the middle of the night.. She and her friends had lovely prepared a room extra for us. The mattresses with fresh beddings were as confortable as in the best hotels and the room was big and high and had its own fireplace, like nearly every room… Each of them had its own history… and when I closed my eyes I saw them in my dreams a hundred years before… with elegant people in the beginning of the last century… it was the time of the golden twenties, a splended time with lots of elegant events in the old nice…Foto 1 (12)While the ghosts were strolling through my dreams, the bells where tolling  very nearly… and wake me up. When I saw out the window I could see directly in a belfry!

Foto 5 (4)My daughter has already bought  many delicious things for breakfast and so we enjoyed it and I felt like beeing a student in former times… In that bright, friendly appartement was no place for complications. The sun through the open window was so shiny, the air warm but has the fresh smell of the near sea in it and everyone seemed relaxed…Foto 3 (5)We strolled along the Place Massena and splashed arround through the famous water fountains. We were also watching the new and old sculpures, also the Jardin Prinz Albert 1er which is on the other side of the Rue Jean Médecin, which goes through the Massena. In the middle of the park, there is a great place for children. There are many wodden sculptures for to play with, for example a big whale.FullSizeRender (30) FullSizeRender (49)

We also made some pics of the old historic fountain

Foto 1Foto 4 (2)

…and adored the stitting figures which are illuminated by night…

Foto 2 (1)

FullSizeRender (46)

… and the old olive trees and other plants arround the place!

FullSizeRender (80)

We also tried the chairs, in which you can turn around, but unfortunately that didn´t work.

FullSizeRender (38)

After that we wanted to see the old quater of Nice. Typical narrow alleys with lots of little restaurants, bars and shops invited us to break through all calorie limits… We saw also the market places with flower- and book-markets…

By the way, you find there also he best icecream-parlor in town! It is the „Fenoccio“ (2 Pl. Rossetti, 06300 Nice)…

FullSizeRender (26)

At last at our little tour we found this  sculpture in front of the Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain.  Mmh… can you imagine, what that cube-face mean? I´m not sure….

Foto (10)

After our littler tour through the center of Nice we went to the beach. It looked great, but when I put off my shoes and wanted to walk I felt how a child who tries the first time to stand up! It was nearly impossible just to stand and there could be no question of going a step…FullSizeRender (16)So we went back to an litttle nice souvenir-shop and bought some bathing shoes…  also some  diving googles – my daughter find, that that is absolutely necessary while bathing on that famous beach!  When we came back, I wanted to relax a little bit, while my daughter and my son went in the water… But the sun shined in my face, the stones were harder than diamants and the more I tried to relax the more I felt unconfortabIe… „Hey kids, I´m back in a few minutes!“ So I went back to the shop…“ Vous avez oubliez quelque chose?“ The seller knowed my face already because last time, we needed long time to find the right shoes and diving googles for everyone…

Foto 2 (2)

Back to the beach, I lied down on my new matte and under my colorful sunshade. Yes, that´s ok… „Mommy, I´m hungry!“ „No problem my dear, what do you want?“ And I stand up for another little walk in the old town to buy something that filled the stomach of my dear family. When we went back to the beach, I wanted to change my shorts again… Unfortunately, there was a little dog poop from that nice cute dog, who rested on our place, when I was on the snack stand… So I needed urgently new ones when I didn´t want to walk back through the whole town in my swimming suit… The nice Nice (haha) man in the shop welcomed me very friendly…   But nevertheless it was a great day…

FullSizeRender (23)

FullSizeRender (18)FullSizeRender (24)

In the evening, my son and I went back to the beach again to watch the sunset. We saw many young people, playful and romantic…

So we sit down, had a tasty picnic and then just watched the wonderful atmosphere…

… unnamedFoto 2 (11)FullSizeRender (5)

See you soon in Monaco!

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