Look of the week – Going out for dinner after walking with my parents and the dogs…

Hello dear friends,

Foto 2 (9)

this is my second „look of the week“.  But I want not only show  you different styles, but also give a little look into my life… One of the most important things for us is social life and love. I want that you feel a bit of it while reading my blog!

Do you like that? Or do you prefer just seeing fashion?  I would be very thankful to see your opinion!

So let´s start: My parents visited me last week and we went out for dinner. So they photographed me before. Thanks for that and for all the other things dear Mum and Dad!

FullSizeRender (7)

It is a warm day, but a little bit cooler in the evening…  On the afternoon, we made a nice walk in the woods…FullSizeRender (12)

Here you see our pack of dogs. Nelly, in front on the left side, one of the babys I introduced on that blog, has grown up – she´s now a little lady with lots of fun in her head…

Mami (2)

Before going out, I take myself time to prepare. I style my hair with an haircurler after using a protection spray for looking like a thankful nice daughter.

Foto 2 (6)

The Makeup is very light. But I use a foundation to cover my wreckels a little bit. I accentuate my eyebrows also, naturally they are a little bit too bright, especially in summer. Today, I prefer to use natural looking colors to create this nude look. It´s a color between peachy and rose for my lips and cheeks…

Foto 1 (6)

I wear a light wide blouse in salmon-pink. It is from Zara. I love the material, it´s a bit heavier but also soft and light and you don´t have to iron it. It´s from this year, perhaps you can still find it.

Foto 5 (3)



The trousers have a nice pattern in black and white so they seemed a bit lighter and fresher than in pure black.Foto 1 (7)

The booties with their soft leather are very confortable but also fine enough to go out…

The long necklace is one of my favourite pieces but I don´t have much possibilities to wear it. Here it has enough space to appeal on the one colored blouse.  The little golden bracelet fits well to the rest of the accessories.

Foto 4 (1)

The little bag is very often seen this summer. Normally, I don´t wear such bags, but this one is really cute so I couldn´t resist…  I know that some people are interested in what ´s inside so I´ll tell. Nothing really interested but lipstick, a little brush a pen, some paper ( I´m always happy to have some paper to write something down for other people, an address, a shop, my blog or something else…)handy, purse, keys and kleenex and …  some sweets –  If I´m hungry , it´s always difficult to wait .That´s why I ´m normally prefering buffets ….

Now I wish you a wonderful Sunday and go out a little bit so get some new impressions…

Next time I want to take you with me to travel to Nice… See you in 2-3 days for doing that!

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