Look of the week: Special Mallorca outfit inbetween marvellous plants AND how to pack a suitcase for a trip to the sea

Hello my dear friends,

DSCN0088 (2)

today I´m writing in english, so that my foreign readers can also understand me. And the Germans can practice their english by searching mistakes. If you find some, you can keep them…

DSCN0111 (4)
Dream a little dream in the mystic garden…
Under the tree in Mallorca
… under the old olive tree…

You know, that I visited Mallorca the last week. Although it was not the first time that we went to the great Playa Garden Hotel, we took lots of new impressions at home. I was very pleased of the marvellous nature around …

My son and my husband  have taken lots of pictures of me and so I ´ll show you today my new blue dress inbetween great nature.

DSCN0311 (2)

My dress is made of jersey.  I don´t have so many clothes made of that material, although it´s very confortable and nowadays the industry makes it also of natural materials like cotton, wool and cashmere … For the suitcase, jersey is perfect, because it never creases!

Mallorca dress
Combination blue with natural colors and here with my peace necklace…
DSCN0086 (2)
Prickly cacti photographed with soft effect – so that they are looking softly… Much things are not what they seemed to be…
The soft lovely flowers have spiky looking leaves… Nice contrasts in the nature!

If it´s a bit colder, I take my lace biker jacket. The rough shape gives a nice contrast to the lovely lace pattern and the creamy color.

DSCN0089 (2)
Feeling the force of that old olive tree…

DSCN0097 (2)

Foto 2 (24)
Discover the secrets… you find them only, if you look attentively!

For holidays  on the sea, I like fresh blue and white colors. For that maritim style, I´m wearing my white sandalettes with some stones on it and my little black bag. I would prefer the contrast of natural or white colored leather for the handbag (see the picture below). For making some excursions, topsiders would also be fine, especially for such on the boat…

DSCN0164 (5)
Accessoiries in the color of nature: waves, sky, sand, wood…
DSCN0340 (2)
Flowers that are growing in the dunes. They look wonderful but have to resist dryness, sand, salt, sun…
DSCN0156 (3)
You see, my skin can´t resist sun, even with lots of sun cream… So, have fun with that wonderful lobster like color!

Hope, you enjoyed the pictures am perhaps you had some inspiration for your next holidays.

But you know, I always want to give you some practical advices…

Sometimes it is not so easy to  pack the suitcase and the handbag.  Especially when you are tired and there are so many things to think about. So I made a list for



Handbag Mallorca
Huge handbag , here from h&m, with enough space for all the important things you need in the holidays. The color ist neutral so it fits to nearly all outfits. In front of it you see a necklace with sea accessoiries…


Please, don´t take imitations! You´ll get problems with the customs. The best one is a bigger, good quality and good looking, neutral colored one. If it´s too expensive, you will attract thieves. And it can be that you have to make clear, that you didn´t buy it in the foreign country. Perhaps you have to pay some taxes if you don´t have the bill with you!



Portmonnaie with some money. Leave all the things at home, you don´t need!


Mobile phone

Laptop or IPad

Camera if you want

Literature or kindle

Paper handkerchief




Chewing gum




Little Make up Bag (first selection)


Put also a little bit of money, medikaments you need and copies of your passport and tickets in it. In case your handbag will get lost, you have less problems…

Suitcase for Mallorca
Suitcase for one week on the sea – ready for all eventualities

Underwear for every day (underpants, underskirt, bras)

Two swimsuits and/or bikinis

Socks and/or tights

Towels, if there are none in the hotel

Two long trousers (for example chinos and jeans)

3 Shirts

2 Blouses

2 Dresses

2 Jackets, 1 thinner, 1 water resistant, so that you ca wear both if it´s a bit colder

3 Pair of shoes: sneakers, high heels (if you want) or other fine shoes you can wear with dresses, Flip Flops or other bathing shoes

2 Skirts or/and shorts

Sun hat and/or base cap


brush, comb, if you need hairgrips, sun cream, face cream, bodylotion, shampoo, conditioner, hair mousse, hairspray, soap, face soap, face cleanser, face pads, file, nail scissors, Cotton swabs, sanitary napkins, tampons, something against insects…

Little Makeup Bag (second selection)

I think, that are the most important things, but…

…perhaps you need some things like glasses, driving licence, auto/home keys and other things. When you quit, look in your fridge, is everything out, what´s going to get foul? All lights are out. Doors and windows are closed? You´ve found a good place for your animals? Do you have neighbours for watering the plants? … TO BE CONTINUED…

unnamed (2)


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