A dream is just a dream is just a dream…in times when dreaming is better than reality!

Or: My Happinessy times…

It´s a wonderful day on the seaside…. The ocean is so blue and turquoise that you think it looks like a colored postcard… and the sand is white and warm. A soft breeze is blowing so that it´s not too hot but a very nice feeling on the skin. Your family is around you…The children are laughing and giggling with their huge colored air filled animals. A little table beside you is filled with very nice soft drinks. You take one and smell pinapple and coconut flavour and the nice texture on your tongue… awesome good…

Today it´s such a day, when dreaming is better then reality.aa1 (5) I´m waiting for a little surgery. Everyone said it´s a little thing and I don´t have to worry. But I don´t know if it´s true… There´s no other possibility than to believe in that. Such a m….. No, of course  I know it´s not too dangerous, but a little rest of fear has survived in my brain.

So I decide to rest in my universe of happiness , safety and peace.


At first, I have to be  GRACEFUL, GRATEFUL for all the good people, animals and good times in good nature I have had in the past and also at the moment.

The vision, I’ve thought about at the beginning, already happened in a similar way and the only thing I´ve to do now,

is to be sure that it will happen in the future again…


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