Look of the week: Showing appreciation to the old Louis Vuitton Theda bag…

Hello dear friends,

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the last week was very exciting with the burning car besides our horsepaddock. But the animals are fine..and they IMG_4242brought the car away…

So we can think about less explosive things than detonated cars like the look of the week.

This time it is a  hommage to my old Theda bag. I found it while cleaning up my cupboard. I think, it was 2004 when I bought it. It has a big buckle and it´s a bit flashy, so I didn´t wear it very often, nevertheless it´s a great piece and it´s time to wear it again…

I bought it because I lived in France and nearly every women there from the „better society“ owns a designer bag, but read the whole story:

When I visited the first parent´s evening, I saw such a bag standing on nearly every table…  Yes „standing“, it seems like a „standing statement“!  At first, I found it a bit ridiculous, but sitting there for a while, I felt progressively unconfortable. My France wasn´t very good and so I felt a bit lost with my jeans inbetween that costumed LV and Chanel mommies who I didn´t understand very well!  I felt like taking place on „desperate housewifes“, the US series about stuffy women in the States. I recognized their looks and  I was sure,  that they had visited their hair and nail studios for  hours in the afternoon.. The women ignored me …  My casual, quite normal look was really embarrassing…in comparison with their elegance…

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Later on , I thought that I don´t have to put up with such things… Because I saw also parents like me and thay were also very sympathic.  And how longer I lived in France, the more I gained self-confidence… But for a while, my Theda was a good friend while visiting such parent and other official events …. Today, I laugh about such things. I prefer to go in holidays than having a closet full of designer bags… Only when I really like the design and the material  I think about buying it…

But  let´s now concentrate to the „look of the week“:

Here you see my new silky lace blouse from „ambra“. It´s very light and cool, so it´s a good combi partner when it´s hot. The shoes with one golden string on each site are from „viadante“. They are very confortable so you can also use them for long „marathons“ in the city!

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The little cotton shorts are confortable leisure wear. If it´s a little bit colder or you go to an official meeting, you can also wear some trousers with natural linnen or blue chinos…

1 (3)

This casual summer jacket from „khujo“ is made of cotton and it fits well to the romantic blouse.

Foto 2 (6)

Here you see the romantic pattern of the blouse. It fits also very well to the real dog fur… So you have to walk out with your dog, to make the look perfect… Just a joke….


Here you can see the details…

Foto 2 (4)

…also from the accessoiries…  I used at first a necklace with a bowl but than I prefer one with a tassel, because it is  more casual. The watch has a long leather band which fits two times arround the wrist. The simple bracelet doesn´t  divert from the rest of the look…

The Theda bag is a very special one – you like it or you like it not.. In former times, I often felt too less self-confident to wear it beside official events, today I like it, because it´s rare and  I find that it gives an outfit something precious. Nevertheless, for me it´s not a bag for every day!

So have a wonderful week! Yours, Nessy

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